Prime 4 Missing Screen Stand Help

Hey guys, really hope you can help.

First time DJ (home lol) and really excited to be practising now on a Prime 4. I purchased one used and realised later that although in perfect condition it’s missing the metal stand behind the screen. I’m unsure if you remove it and it’s hidden somewhere or whether the metal stand that holds up the screen is on there when new and in which case someone has removed it and lost it.

Either way I need to try and get hold of a replacement, anyone know any ideas that could help me? I’m really hoping someone says it’s hidden in a compartment somewhere (lol) or a link to somewhere I can get one, otherwise I fear I’ll be bending a coat hanger to make one :frowning:

Really appreciate any help.

Hi @eddrockett, welcome to the forum!

The screen stand folds flat at, and is attached to, the back of the screen. Prime4 should come out of the box that way.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to contact DenonDJ Global Support and order the missing part.

Thanks for this, I wonder why someone would have removed it then? It must have been missed when packaged originally then. Yes contacted Denon support, maybe just wishful thinking that there may have been a secret compartment somewhere where its stored lol :slight_smile:

Maybe the coat hanger is incoming :frowning: