Prime 4 Microphone Talk over issue

Hi Guys, searched the forum and couldn’t find any answer to this particular problem.

Was recording a set and was using the microphone for some Talk over… The problem isn’t persistent and only happens on occasion, more so when using Deck 1 for some reason. Problem is, when I use talk over and the volume dropped accordingly, after I finished talking and even turned the Microphone and talk over Off. The volume does not come back up again. It remains low… It only comes back up again when I reload the deck… It only happens on occasion that the volume just will not come back up once I have finished talking.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Did you try to turn off the talk over only after the volume returned to normal?

I tried turning the talk over off because the volume would not return to normal, and even after turning it off, the volume doesn’t come back up. It’s just like it freezes up but the slider, gain control and crossfader still work. The only way to get the proper level back is to reload the deck and then it works normal again. It might not freeze up like this for a while, then randomly out of the blue it does the same thing. It’s very annoying. But not the end of the world.

Nope, no pb with talkover

Sounds like a firmware problem to me. I’d try reloading the firmware.

Not A good Idea - the prime 4 seem to fall into “peripheral x didn’t come on line” errors when needless firmware re-loads is done.

I think if the firmware had got corrupted, the whole thing would refuse to boot Up

Sorry to say, but thats a very poor reason. You should be able to reload the firmware over & over & over without any errors. If that’s the reason for not reloading firmware, then you’re really just hiding from the reality that a much larger fault exists. You should have 100% confidence in gear.

No point - the only thing it’ll cure, is boredom

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If you try it once & it doesn’t resolve the issue, then I totally agree. My point was that you shouldn’t avoid reloading the firmware based on fear of a possible error.