Can a laptop be connected to the PRIME 4, in case there is malfunction with the PRIME 4 screen?

Not to control the unit separately, no.

There will probably be 3rd party midi support at some point, but I guess if the screen goes down it will take the rest of the unit with it so it will be dead anyway.

The whole point of the Prime 4 is not to have a laptop!

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If they make it like a controller when using your laptop you wouldn’t need the scream on the p4 to see what’s on your laptop now you have a backup just in case the screen breaks

There seems to be two people in two days saying about the screen breaking.

As No-one owns a Prime4 yet, and No-ones has a broken screen yet (of course, as no one has one to break) it’s somewhat premature to start guessing about how super tough the screen is.

I saw a Prime 4 at a store open day a fortnight ago (it was as like handcuffed to the Denon rep man) and I can certainly think that the screens hinge won’t be breaking : that much is for certain

Simple. Has anyone broke their Akai MPC Live screen yet? I think a very few.

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The OP stated “malfunction” which would lead me to believe he’s concerned about crashing or freezing rather than physical breakage.


Yes to be able to remotely diagnose any issues would be advantageous