Prime 4 is freezing

Hello everyone. My prime 4 is freezing when switching from usb to SoundCloud. Last track playing, but you can’t control anything. All led lights is off and screen not woo. Firmware is 1.5.2. Before this updates, everything was fine. any suggestions how to fix this issue? Or reinstall firmware will fix the issue? Thank you.

This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed with the WiFi that I am having as well, and has happened twice during separate live performances when running a tidal connection along with internal SSD. While playing a song off the SSD, selecting the source icon to switch to tidal unit immediately freezes the screen and controls from any further input. Current song off SSD continues to play but no other control is possible. It’s not clear why, as prior during these live sets the tidal link had been established and no issues playing streaming tracks. To resolve, must hold power button for extended period to force shutdown and restart, which resumes normal operation. I will say I was playing straight from the SSD for about 45 minutes before attempting to play a song off tidal. Using the SSD without the WiFi on, there have been no issues. I am running a Sandisk 1TB SSD internal with only 160 MB of song files, and have never had issues playing songs from SSD. Currently have engineOS 1.5.2 installed, have never loaded the 1.6 beta. The use of the WiFi is causing the lockup.