Prime 4: Headphone Mix knob controls both Headphone mix AND X-Fader contour

Hi there - I am having an issue very similar to this gentleman:

Basically, the headphones mix knob controls both the headphones mix AND the X-Fader contour, while the X-Fader contour knob does not have any effect at all. It appears to be a bugged assignment in the software. I have updated to the most recent firmware (1.5.2). Please advise, thanks.

All on Prime 4.

So with the previous firmware (1.4.x) you didn’t have this flaw?

It was on 1.3 or something - it was not working on that either. Upgrading did not fix it.

Seems unlikely to be a wiring issue, or an issue with damage as both of the functions are bound to the headphone mix knob, so maybe it’s a software assignment issue?

hey there guys is your prime 4 second hand mine was and in the end i found out that my unit had been bumped/dropped on the front and it had damaged the little pot that controlled this function a replacement circuit board cured the issue

cheers jason

If the knob didn’t work that would be fine, but the headphone mix controls both which makes no sense? seems like a binding issue.

With your issue, did the headphone mixer knob control the contour like mine does?

Yesterday I checked my Prime 4 with Fw. V1.5.2 and the crossfader adjustment knob works as it should and I have no problems with those listed in this thread. So it shouldn’t be a firmware defect.