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Hi I’ve recently purchased the denon prime 4 and I’m having trouble setting the internal hd up Im following all the steps but something not right after connecting the blue usbb cable to the controller and laptop then following the instructions it doesn’t work when I press the computer icon to put it into usb/controller mode it’s not ther only computer mode so I’m assuming it’s already in the right mode so how do I find the harddrive search for it etc when already in usb/controller mode does it need formatting before I put it into the controller?? It’s the 1 tb one that you recommend any help would be appreciated thanks


Have you install the drivers?

Hey no the widows drivers ? Just looked I downloaded the firmware thought that was it just downloaded the windows driver then going to try again just me been daft I guess if that’s it ha thanks I hope it is!

Hello @Butcherben Welcome to the forum. First of all, the post needs to be in PRIME 4 area, not in the MC4000 (@Reese can You help with moving this to the right place, please?)

Second: The Hard drive or SSD in Prime 4 is best to be formated in ExFat or Fat32 file system.

Third: The computer mode should enable You to see the drive on Your PC if it’s correctly installed (make sure, there is no lose connection)

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Thanks. Changed to Prime4.


Still not working must be just me do you need to format the harddrive before you insert it or can you do this whilst inside having my life ffs

Best would be to format before inserting the drive in to the unit. But it should be visible in the disk manager anyway.

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Legend found it and was able to format it in disk manager thanks a lot happy days :+1:


Great to hear that You were able to solve it. Have fun with Your smart console.

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