Prime 4 - Following Peripherals Did not come online during boot

Anyone have a PC version prior to 1.6 firmware to share please ??? (NOT USB VERSION)

need windows version. I am having the issue on link below. One possible solution is to go back to a previous firmware version (I’m on 1.6.1) I’ve tried 1.6.0 which is still on denon site but hasn’t worked. I’d like to try a 1.5 version to see if that makes a difference - otherwise it seems it’s a hardware issue.…/the-following…/15909/2

Looks like the dreaded hardware fault a lot of units have had.

Be really s**t if that happened when you turn up at a gig …

exactly what happened. any solution? do u have an earlier firmware version i can try?

It’s not happened to me as I don’t have a Prime 4 (and this is one of the reasons why) but I’ve seen plenty posts about it.

Do a forum search for “peripherals”