Prime 4 first day issues!

So I purchased my Prime 4 yesterday. First issue it wouldn’t connect to engine prime at all. I did manage to connect to the prime 4 software and it would see Serato DJ. Though if assigned a track to deck 1 and pressed play nothing happened though the track was loaded this also happened through all channels 1-4. Tried a usb that was FAT32 and still wouldn’t play from the usb in standalone mode. I tried a firmware update and now I can start stop tracks but none of the LED’s on the right hand deck light up. I’m starting to think I’ve made the wrong choice after using another brand for so long.

Has anyone else had these issues or similar.

Will be returning my Prime 4 and I will be trying the replacement in the shop before I get it home.

On the laptop is Serato virtual decks set to INT? Small drop menu ABS/REL or INT

It was also doing the same in standalone mode. There is something really not right with it. Will take it back and thay can check it out in store. Thanks for the reply though.

How did you update the firmware? via computer or USB method?

Find the firmware update on your computer- then connect the Prime4 using the USB blue connector - hold down the view button on the Prime4. Do Not select Source - make sure you select Utility - under device info select Firmware Version check for updates. Once you click this it should update the Prime4 firmware. Hope this helps.

I have done the firmware update to latest 1.3.3 but the lights on the right deck come on then go off straight away. So reinstalled firmware version 1.3.2 and then back to 1.3.3 but the lights on the right deck still come on and go off. When I say come on and go off left deck and mixer lights are on but right deck they come on and go out again. Also the FX display on the right deck is also not lit when track loaded. All the buttons work just no lights.

Hi, it doesn’t connect to EP ! You manage your files and then you export to Prime4 internal hd or usb key.

If you copy songs into a usb key, you must create specific folders in order you usb key/hd to be recognized by Prime4