Prime 4 ETA (not UK or US)

So everyone is talking about June 11th or 15th in the UK and the US guys already have it (as far as I know). What about other countries? I live in Israel and the official reseller has no idea when Denon will ship out the P4. Is there any clear timeline? I sold my Pioneer and im currently working with my Friend’s controller.

Any info?

Same HERE I am From India And The Reseller Has No Idea About Prime 4 When It Will Arrive Prebooked from March

Hi @zyi83, the best option here is to ask your local retailer or distributor.

Thanks J

@Jay_DenonDJ the local retailer says Denon hasnt updated them about the ETA. He says it can be june, or july or maybe even later.

The way I see it, this is a serious lack of communication on your part to the local resellers. If an ETA update to your official country distributers is unavailable, what should i think about the service when i need to?

Hi @zyi83,

I’ve just contacted the sales team who deal with both Israel and India, and they have assured me they’ve communicated out to those territories (and others) in regards to PRIME 4 orders and shipping a few weeks back now and are awaiting a response to move forward.

I can appreciate this is frustrating for you as you just want your unit but I’ve been assured that every step is being taken to ensure these are shipped globally as quickly as possible.

On a separate not, our global customer support team is on hand to assist where ever needed, as is a social team who respond to our forums and social media platforms.

I thank you for your patience and hope that you get a PRIME 4 very soon.

Regards Jay

I’m from Portugal and ordered from Germany (MusicStore), they just said the P4 will be sent to me next Friday. :slight_smile:

Is The Units Are Shipped Or It Will Be Shipped soon For india???

Hi @DjSahil4321 - I’ve just confirmed 20 units are on their way to the India distributer Trimac - please contact them to see which stores these will be sent to.

Best of luck!


Thats An Awesome News Jay U Made My Day And Yes I Have Pre Ordered From Trimac in March And Waiting Egerly😇

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HI JAY Can U Give An Estimate Date For Prime 4 Shipment Arriving Dates The Dealers Had No Idea About The Dates of Shipment Arriving In India…They Dont Even Hav tracking Info

Hi @DjSahil4321, I’ve been in contact with Trimac and they would like to call you direct to update you. Could you please confirm your email and phone number in a private message to me for them to do so.

Thank you J