Prime 4,Early 1.31 observations

Denon DJ , I Absolutely loving my Prime 4 , I have a few observations in less than 24 hours that need sorted.

  1. The ability to change the deck view to the same screens as the SC5000/M players with the 4 beatmarkers,so it makes switching to the players in Club setting seamless. With the pinch & zoom function for the Waveforms in Player view mode.

  2. The ability for Waveform width to be uniform no matter what bpm/pitch & Beatmarkers uniformity to correspond with all players & the above. Like Traktor & Serato

  3. A Hide Library function with Waveforms coming side by side when library is hidden

  4. MIDI , please let us know what you have in store to use Midi & link our drum machines synths etc with the Prime 4 . I know you said it can be done over USB but we would want to know your solution (as per DENON DJ Q & A reply to midi connectivity) without Computers involved as we go standalone

  5. Last but not least Horizontal Waveforms

So what do you think troops & troopettes ? Is there anything you would add or think about the above? It’s a spectacular bit of kit & with these functions will be so much better

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Hi @Morry247, thank you for your feedback. Most of these are new feature requests and need to be posted (if not already there) and separate requests.

1 - Please post here:

2 - Please post here:

3 - Please post here:

4 - We’ll announce this when ready

5 - Been requested many times so please like this post: Horizontal Waveform View

Thank you

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