Prime 4 completely frozen

I was playing a Livestream last night and my Prime 4 completely froze! I was switching between my SD card and BeatPort link… the screen then stopped responding. The track kept playing but started to glitch a little.

Not even the power button worked, I had pull the power cable out of the back!

Running the latest firmware, just wanted to report this as it’s something I never thought would happen with such high end equipment.

You have to hold the powerbutton for more than 10 seconds, to do a emergency shut down. What firmware you have installed ? You can also look at your Hdd or SD Card. Maybe your device has left a failure report file, which can help to find why the system hangs up. This file you can report to denon.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check the SD card.

Mine did same whilst beatport streaming and kept stopping track slightly throughout, been fine for a while but maybe since using beatport its started to show issues