Prime 4 as house gear, reasonable or mistake?

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I put on smaller scale underground events, usually two stages from 9pm-4am, and as part of acquiring in-house gear instead of having to always rent, I settled on the Prime 4 due to its features, output options, and because it would be a good upgrade from my NI S4 MKI for my own personal use. Plus it was a very affordable option compared to CDJs, an SC setup, or the XZ/RZX.

But after importing my traktor collection I found that a lot of my tracks were off by 1bpm up or down. I discovered this while mixing, which is also when I discovered that the only editing you can do in standalone is shift the grid’s position or double/halve it, yet no avenue to raise or lower the grid’s bpm. It was also odd because my cues transferred the hundreds of locked tracks that I spent days checking/setting at %100 zoom in Traktor Did not.

It wouldn’t be as concerning if it was just going to be only me using it. But with anywhere from 6-14 DJ’s rolling in throughout the night, I need equipment that will be able to let them play their music; or at LEAST let them adjust the bpm on the fly. I was told by a friend who has a full Denon setup that Engine Prime always makes and uses its own bpm analysis.

So should I have gotten something different? As much as I like the P4, I need something that people from various platforms can plug into without it overriding or ignoring their metadata. Or at least let them fix it on the fly.

(Yes I am well aware that the tempo slider exists. It’s a workaround that means beatjump is useless and loops have to be done the slow way, and this one should not require a workaround.)

If you are a mac user, you could have a look at to see if they have something to help fix this.

I am, but those converters seem like something useful for me to have for myself, not something that makes other people’s music compatible with the Prime 4 when they show up to the gig.

Guess that is fair enough :smiley:

I would suggest to take a full SC Setup, you can grab the 5000er series at budget pricing. And when the 6000er series will hit the market, I predict several used 5000er setups will be sold for less.

The DDJ-RZX is absolutly no alternative (it’s a Controller, no standalone system, no usb slots to insert usb sticks, anytime computers needed). I owned one before I switched to Denon. If it is used by one dj all the time, it has many cool features on board. For changing DJs it’s a nightmare. The XZ maybe better as a stand alone unit but in my opinion overpriced.

Last saturday I had to perform on a Prime4 setup. What should I say? Yes, it’s okay. It works. But I’m very happy that I bought the SC5000m Setup with the X1800 during the promotion. My advice to any party organicer, please use stand alone gear, no controllers that need separate Computers.

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