Prime 4 and Engine prime workflow suggestions

I am currently using rekordbox as database management (coming from XDJ-RX2) using Itunes as source. Then I load the rekordbox library into the Prime 4 internal 1tb SSD. The Prime 4 succesfully imports all my rekordbox playlists and Cues upon boot. I currently only use Engine prime 4 for Batch analysing that collection. I currently have a couple of issues/feature requests.

  1. If I update my Rekordbox library adding new songs and resync with the Prime 4 SSD, it will import the whole collection again. This is fine, however if I have changed cue point, loops etc on the Prime 4 itself, they will be overwritten by the new Rekordbox import. It would be great to have an option in the Prime 4 menu to “do not overwrite excisting cue point/loop points” on Rekordbox (re)import. At this time I have to prepare the Cue and loop points in Rekordbox but often during performance I create them on the fly on the Prime 4 and would like to maintain them.

  2. Rekordbox includes the Sync manager. Engine prime does not. This the main reason why I am not moving to Engine prime yet. When I import Itunes to Engine Prime indeed I have to manually drag each playlist in to the Crates/Playlist again (first removing the old playlists and re-add). Then also drag them manually to the SSD or USB stick. This needs to be done EVERYTIME I update/refresh the itunes library in Engine prime. Most of the time only adding a couple of songs. It would be great to have a sync so that Engine prime recognizes added/changed songs/playlists and they will automatically be synced. (Like Rekordbox Sync manager)

  3. Engine prime to have color coding (so I can determine track energy levels)

  4. Engine prime to have smart playlists based on tag criteria (comments,genre,album,grouping etc)


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Thank you very much for these suggestions and comments, I think most of these have been requested in our Feature Request section:

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