Prime 4 1.5.2 freeze

Super cool got freeze twice in 3 A hours set, owner was very happy, As this supose to be an all in one, speakers are connected, so you have not even chance to have a extra player in that case, well done!!! Denon, you can keep deleting my complaints, and getting excited of room djs, fix it!!!


If it was anything to do with hardware or firmware then every single prime 4 owner would be getting this.

Check your media devices

Check your tunes

Check all connected devices

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I had similar issues it turned out to be the speed of the USB flash drives I was using. I changed to SAN Disk ultra SD cards all and my problems went away instantly.

Using various brands of USB drives I would get random lockups, audio glitches and database corrupt issues but i have never experienced an issue with decent SD cards. I later installed a Samsung Evo SATA SSD and that has been faultless as well.

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The best, an SSD, Sandisk, Samsung or Crucial disk.

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But is just happening with The new update, Never before, i do only use Samsung Drives, the top notch ones, :man_shrugging:t2:

Roll the firmware back to the version that was ok and then see if the problem is still happening with the same USB drive.

If the issue is gone then raise a ticket with Denon tech support.