PRIME 2 Master Output Diferent

Master output is different on the right and left…

Left LED jumps higher than right LED. Master Output.


Hello @MaxVarion Welcome to the forum,

Check Your track or panning?

And so it will on some tracks. On other tracks it’ll be more active on the right. On some tracks the LEDs will look the same. That’s music for you

Igen. Focusrite scarlett 2i4 hangkártyával tesztelve fl studio ban, valóban halkabb a jobb oldal. :frowning:

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What is your sound source?


I have the same problem with my Prime 2. Even with mono audio (e.g. certain Sheffield A2TB test disc sample files on SSD), the volume indicated with LEDs on the Prime 2 is significantly higher on the left side than on the right.

However, the readings from my speaker processor indicate that it is only the Prime 2 display that is wrong. There is also no difference in volume aurally.

I have therefore decided not to do anything. If there is an easy way to align the display left/right, I would of course still be grateful :slight_smile:

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Yes I have this too its is very slight and not that noticeable for me

Hello! I’m the same problem too… Vu meter left it’s too hight that right… I want return the prime 2 to SAV for repart…

since the update 1.6.0 ?

In 1.6.0 there is a bug with VU meter on Prime 2. Is acknowledged by Denon DJ VU meter blue led issue on Prime 2 running EOS 1.6

left +2 only on the vu-meter not on the master level

Was on 1.5.2 and still persists on 1.6.0. Meter wrong by 2 digits, output still fine.

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I hope that this default will be taken into account by DENON for the next update :pray:

And still persists on 1.6.1 :disappointed:

Interesting… The changelog for v1.6.1 suggest this issue has been fixed.

New Features:

● Added OTA (over-the-air) updating for device software and firmware. From version 1.6.1 and onward, users can download and install updates on the player directly via Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection. OTA updates require v1.6.0 or higher. Fixes and Improvements:

● Fixed an issue where 32 bit WAV files would not load

● Fixed an issue where VU meters would show the incorrect level (PRIME 2)

● Fixed an issue where downgrading from 1.6.0 to a previous version could result in unexpected performance pad color (PRIME 4, PRIME 2, PRIME GO)

● Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Note: It is important to first update to v1.6.1 before downgrading to previous versions. Downgrading directly from 1.6.0 may result in unexpected performance pad color.

In my opinion is hardware problem. I have Prime 2 and no problem with L and R VU meter difference.

The gains on the vu-meter are reduced with the 1.6.1 it’s a good thing! ^^

I think it’s a hardware problem. From zero volume on the master the left speaker on mine starts before the right on extremely low volume The left VU meter shows movement first. It does lag a little but at medium volume left and right are level. If the speakers are connected to the booth output both speakers start at the same time but of course there’s no VU meter for the booth. It doesn’t worry me as I don’t play at such low volume. If the master has a dual Potentiometer for left and right they maybe not aligned. So one is ahead of the other. Worth checking if the booth control is the same on those with a issue.

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The topic has come up again here:

I have therefore measured again more precisely, with a good VU meter in the signal path. With mono music in stereo mode as well as in mono mode (switch on the back of the Prime 2), there is a slight difference between the left and right channels. However, the difference is only 0.4-0.6 dB, far from the display of my Prime 2 (OS 2.0.2), which assumes a difference between 6dB and 40dB.

→ The main problem is still the display. I would like to see a way to calibrate the display.

→ But the panning itself is not perfect either. A possibility to calibrate would be good here too.