Prime 2 headphone issues


This may be a really dumb enquiry, but I’m struggling with the output to headphones from my new Prime 2 system. The headphones blew in maybe 2 minutes (Sennheiser 25s) with one deck set to headphone cue.

Now one headphone is blowing with neither deck set to output to headphones, so they are seeing a current from somewhere but I don’t know why.

Crossfader set to middle, one channel fader at halfway, one set to zero. Channel level knobs are low, close to minimum. Phones mix knob set only to cue, and phones level again set lo. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something here? Cheers

Did You tried other headphones?

You’ve mentioned the headphones blew


Normally when headphones “blow” they’ve had it, totally and finally. Maybe you’re meaning something else? When you say the headphones blow, do you just mean they sounded like they were trying to play too loudly or that they were crackling, or something else.


My first impression was that one side had blown because that’s exactly how it sounded. I

went and bought a £15 pair from Argos last night, sounds the same. I dug out an old Iphone and tried both sets of earphones in the jack; thankfully both sets of headphones work fine. Both jack points on Prime 2 give the same result. Overall, I can use the phones ‘split’ button or not, adjust the phones knob (cue/master split) to any position and can change the channels to be cued or not. Even at low volume, and with complete clarity on one side of the headphones, the other side is clicking and blowing. Ordinarily this wouldn’t make sense to me but given that the system I think out to be able to split the tunes between the earphones, I’m thinking there is something at fault with the output to headphones. I really do not want to send this system back. I hope you can say it’s my mistake. I will see if I can upload a photo of current configuration, see if you can spot any glaring faults on my part. And thank you for trying to help.

Can You maybe record the sound that is coming out the headphones (it’s hard to determine what You mean by “headphones blow”).

Will do that and see if I can post a video. I am sorry, I know there is probably a better technical way of describing this

And check the Led array meters for the channel that you’re playing. Do those meters look really high ? Like are they going into the red when the crunchy noises sound?

This is a new error. These decks are only 1 week old. I’ve plugged in to laptop, checked for firmware update and both the driver control panel on my laptop and the Denon site are showing the Windows driver as 1.0.0 and no firmware updates (I can see updates for prime 4 so I am on correct page)

Wow, that’s a overdrive, I would give it immediately back to the shop and ask for a new one. This is for sure a hardware issue.

Thanks for the reply. The fact I have perfect low volume in one ear but massive issues in the other headphone I figure is key. I was hoping someone could point out a switch on the system that was biasing the output in an asymmetric way. Again tho with this deck 2 error message… seems like something internal is off. Thanks again.

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