Prime 2 Effects Section quality

Hello Im just looking for some guidance and hopefully to put this on the Denon DJ team radar. The FX section is honestly not at all what I expected from such a workhorse of a system as Prime 2. The reverb, hall, delay, echo all sound so cheap and unpleasant over the music. Could this be something that can be updated and fixed in future firmware updates?

It doesn’t need fixing, it’s not broken. It may be different from some other effects, but it’s all good, especially over music when used normally.

Denon have brought out a couple of new effects once or twice in the life of prime, so far. They’ve also slightly adjusted one or two of the existing effects since the introduction of prime.

I respect your opinion but to me the FX do not sound as good or at the quality of others on the market. Like I said, this might be something that can be improved in future firmware updates. For example the reverb itself sounds horrible cold and metallic. It doesn’t even tail out at the largest settings with the decay. Algorithms can always be updated or improved. Comparing to say a Pioneer reverb they are VERY different in quality and sound. this is only 1 fx. I could also argue that the Hall, Echo, Pingpong are in this similar vain.