Prime 2 decksaver

Does anyone know where I can buy a deck saver for prime 2? Can’t find one anywhere on ebay, amazon and I have tried contacting deck saver but got no reply.

As you should be able to clearly see by searching the Decksaver web site, there is no Prime 2 cover at the moment.

Exactly why I said I contacted them.

I simply called them… and it should be available in the coming months.

So why are you here, asking where you can get one? If you already looked on the manufacturer’s site and they don’t make one, they’re not going to be available anywhere else. :man_shrugging:

Why are you getting your panties in a twist. I already said I contacted them because one wasn’t available on their site. Digitaldjtips told me you can buy one so thought I would ask on here.

@Reese Thanks for the info but I already read that info from another post from July and still no decksaver. Does the prime 2 not get as much love as its big brother.

Nothing getting twisted here. Just using common sense.

Decksaver make the product. If it’s not on their site then it’s not available.


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