Prime 2 computer mode

computer not detecting prime 2, deck only stays in computer mode. Help

Hello @Pswint Welcome to the forum.

What exactly You want to do? With what software You want to connect Your Prime 2?

Everything seems to be ok music analyzed. Trying to download music from Engine prime to HD in deck. I don’t know how to format to exfat or fat32 and in computer mode it’s not connecting, just keep searching. I don’t know if it’s because it’s not formatted or the deck itself just need help, had it since end of March. Try to get to it when I can. Flash drive works fine.

If You don’t switch on any compatible dj software the display will show - looking for computer.

I understand, that you installed an ssd drive in the unit, right?

If so, than Your ssd should show up when You plug in usb to the computer and than switch the Prime 2 to the computer mode.

Now, if You are on windows PC - than you need to go to “My Computer” window, right click on the hard drive that is installed in the Prime 2 and select the Format from the list.

There You need set the ExFAT and name for Your drive (don’t change anything else). Click Format - You will be done in couple of seconds.

In macbook is more complicated- You need to open the disk tool and there select Your drive and format options. I need to look on my macbook how it was exactly called, and then I could say more about it…

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I’ll try and see, I’ll let you know

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Opened as OP still has issues with Prime2.