Price Drop Officially Permanent? X1800 Drop?

Hi guys,

I’ve seen a few people saying that the SC5000/M price drop is now permanent and that the X1800 is now down to $999 in the states. (Previously it was suggested this was for a limited time only)

Is the permanence of the price drop in writing anywhere directly from Denon? Also will the X1800 reduction be coming to the UK as it’s currently £1350 (= $1,775) which is only £120 less than the whole Prime 4!

$999 + 20% tax means £915-50 would be a bit fairer to your British friends! Any chance of this?

In America it’s now permanent. Can’t speak for the rest of the world. : )

X1800 and SC5000 are $999.00 and the SC5000M is $1499.00. Crazy but true.

In the UK both SC5000 and SC5000M are the same at price £1100 ($1445) which is cool but the X1800 is a lot more at £1350 ($1,775).

It doesn’t seem to make much sense. The entire Prime 4 costs £1470… so uhhh… I think under £1000 would be more reasonable.

Hey @Djscottyb how do you know it’s permanent?

It’s on the Inmusic flyer my rep sent.

Yes the price dropped again in Canada. Is it permanent? The x1800 is within reach but gotta wait a month.

Hi. I am asking about this as well. Can you guys be transparent about this?