Preview Track Playing Wrong Track

I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue when previewing a track on the media players. When I preview a track it sometimes starts off by playing the wrong one (i.e, the track I previously previewed or the track I have loaded onto the deck, sometimes a random track altogether) I want to know if this is a common problem or just so happens to be one that I’m only having.

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Hello, never happened to me. What software are You on?

I sometimes get this, it seems to occur when I quickly preview tracks one after another. Skipping through the track I will hear the previous track. It does fix itself pretty quickly!

This is on 1.4

Reinstalled 1 4.1. Still happens. It’s been happening ever since the preview was implemented but was never really a problem as I don’t use this feature much, but it’s started to become irritating and thought I should mention it on here incase it’s a bug in the firmware

I’m having the same issue as well. Using 1.4.1.

Yep I have this sometimes as well (currently on 1.4.1 but seen it on 1.4). It’s like if I am browsing around trying to figure out the next track and go through some songs. It will play the new preview, quickly cuts to a cache of the preview of another track I previously checked out and then it “eventually” cuts back to the correct preview if that makes sense. Not only will I get it in preview, but it has happened when loading to a deck. Same deal: play new track live and get flashes of a previous track. So if I’m doing quick mixing or a routine, It can be ruined by this.

The weird thing is…It’s happened in the Engine Prime program on Windows, at least before this recent update but I haven’t used the new update enough to see if it’s still present, nor did It always happen it was random. Figured it was a engine bug in general.

I also get loading delays when browsing and deck loading on my SC5000. Which is just as frustrating at times. I don’t even have that many songs on my flash drive or SD card. I originally thought it might have been related to the network link since I was originally using a single USB stick but issues happens on the deck source as well. I currently get around it by using multiple flash media with a bare minimum of tracks (less than 100) and just gut through any of the quirks if it happens.

What you’re describing, sadly, sounds all too familiar. Although, I’m not at the stage where it happens to the newly loaded track - that would become a big problem.