Press Release - MCX8000 Firmware v2.5 Adds SoundSwitch in Standalone Mode


The latest v2.5 MCX8000 firmware release adds SoundSwitch automated lighting support for standalone Engine mode via the Ethernet LINK port.

Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA (Sept. 24, 2020) - Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, today announced that it’s latest firmware update v2.5 for the MCX8000 4-channel standalone DJ media player and controller now has the ability to control lights and FX in Engine mode. This is all possible thanks to sister brand SoundSwitch - industry leading automated lighting control software. Firmware version 2.5 also brings a number of usability improvements and stability enhancements.

Making its debut in 2016, the MCX8000 was highly regarded as one of the most flexible all-in-one DJ systems available. The ability to seamlessly switch between PC and standalone mode or mix between the two sources is a feature that is unique to the MCX8000 still to this day. Denon DJ proved their commitment to the continued development of the MCX8000 through regular firmware updates giving users new standalone features, more control and even a new music management software, Engine PRIME. Denon DJ is back today, four years after the product’s introduction, to give MCX8000 users automated and synchronized lighting in standalone mode with SoundSwitch.

MCX8000 firmware v2.5 is available today for all users as a free and recommended update.

Highlights of MCX8000 firmware v2.5 are as follows:

SoundSwitch Integration

SoundSwitch automated lighting software is now enabled for both PC and Engine modes. DJs can now control lights and FX in standalone mode simply by connecting an ethernet cable from the LINK port of the MCX8000 to a computer running SoundSwitch*. Once connected, the DJ’s music is automatically synced with the light show through dynamic autoscripts or user programmable auto loops. The beauty of SoundSwitch is that it can be as simple or as complex as the user chooses. The results are impressive either way. Adding synchronized light shows is an easy way to up the competition in the event space or give a DJ’s livestream performance a unique and fresh look. For more info on SoundSwitch visit:

Denon DJ is pleased to add this new capability to the MCX8000 and is offering all MCX8000 owners 2-months of SoundSwitch for free so they can check it out for themselves. Log in and register your MCX8000 today to retrieve your 2-month SoundSwitch* promo code.

Download files and the full release notes for this update are available via:

“Very seldom do you see firmware updates for a product 4 years after its release, especially one as significant as 2.5,” said Jason Stout, Product Marketing Manager for Denon DJ & SoundSwitch. He added, “SoundSwitch is a great addition to the feature rich MCX8000, and we know our users will appreciate this one.”

*SoundSwitch compatible DMX interface required. Please visit: for a list of compatible DMX interfaces.

About Denon DJ

With over a quarter-century of creating innovative, ground-breaking technology, Denon DJ is committed to the betterment and growth of the creative DJ’s workflow. A prioritization to engage and interact with the global DJ community, added to world-class customer support, shows Denon DJ further defining the future of professional DJ performance.

About SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch bridges the gap between industry standard DJ software and lighting systems. It offers DJs the ability to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio, through easy-to-use software-hardware packages. It is a technology that gives DJs greater creative control and enhanced performance capabilities, in multiple environments. SoundSwitch is the newest member of the inMusic family of premier music companies.


I tried SS a few months ago with my Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid moving heads and I really couldn’t make head nor tail of it, however I’m sure this is good news for those who can figure the software out and still have the MCX8000.

Are there any other changes to the firmware 2.5 as there is no change log in the zip file download.

Hi @kradcliffe - There are number of resources on the SoundSwitch YouTube channel that may be helpful. I know some specific improvements for moving heads have come in one of the recent releases. If you have a specific question, I’d be happy to try to answer it here. :slight_smile:

MCX8000 Firmware v2.5 Release Notes are available to the right of the download link on the downloads page hyperlinked as ‘info’.

Here is the direct link:



Is this something Denon plans to integrate into their standalone products?

We already did! :smiley:

All Engine OS products are compatible with SoundSwitch.

Here’s a YouTube playlist that shows you how.

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