Preset Name in Browser for autoscripted tracks

It would be helpful if we could also see the autscript preset with name in the browser view which you used for an autoscript of a track


Right, it would be nice to know that that track was “scripted” with a certain preset. But…

If we suppose we have scripted a track with PRESET1 which has certain settings, based on this request we see that that track was analyzed with PRESET1. Next we modify PRESET1 by changing something in the setting, then we overwrite it. At this point the track will always indicate that it was scripted by PRESET1 but it had different settings and you will get different results from the current PRESET1. So if you decide to script another track using PRESET1 it means you won’t get the same results as on the previous track.

Perhaps this idea could only be combined with fixed autoscripts, that is, those that cannot be modified by the user.

I agree with you - we would have to be aware that we always have to save the changed preset under a new name.

Nevertheless, it would be a great relief