Prepare list only works on deck

I looked on the forum because i thought someone else had this issue but I can’t find anything about it.

The prepare list is only functioning on the deck that has the source plugged into it. The second deck acts as if the prepare list doesn’t exist, its just a blank folder and nothing can be added to it.

I have a library of about 1.5 tracks. Does this have anything to do with it?

I have over 2k on one source no issues with size/number of tunes so I think your problem is something else but not the number of tunes in your crates or source size?

Sorry I can`t say what your problem is as not an issue I have but both decks should behave the same when linked through the x1800 or just linked together

I have a lib of about 8K of tracks on my “Club” disk. Used it last weekend on a club gig and had no problem with the prepare. But it can take a few seconds to show up in the other deck.

There is a bit of lag for them to show up on the second deck, but it should only take a few seconds. Have you already submitted a ticket to support?

Have you updated to the latest firmware? I had that problem occasionally on the original firmware version, but haven’t seen anything like that since then.

I have solved this issue. It seems to have been some kind of connection problem. I use a SSD with a USB - USB-C cable that “lives” in the same port while I usually just remove the drive from said cable.

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