Preferred Case or Bag for your MC 4000

Does anyone have any experience or a recommendation for a good bag or flight case? I have an interest in the UDG Ultimate MIDI Controller Backpack Small MK2 or the UDG Urbanite MIDI Controller FlightBag Medium. These look great but want to make sure there wasn’t something I’m overlooking before making the purchase. Would love to see one made specifically for it by Denon :sunglasses: Thanks!

PS after tons of research and product comparisons I decided to get the MC 4000. I am absolutely in love with this controller since my purchase. Keep up the awesome work Denon.

I’ve had a few different bags over the years - my absolute favourite is still the Big Namba Studio Backpack. I used to fit an MC6000 in there without issue, so I think the 4000 would fit nicely too.

Great choice on the controller - I love the 4000. Compact but still full of awesome features. And solid as a tank.

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Gigskinz Keyboard bag for the 49 key version works beautifully for me. Fit my NS6 in there, then my DDJ-SX and now my MC 4000. I just change out foam inserts. May have a hard time finding them these days though. Used to be a regular item at GC

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Thank you for the lead! I havent heard of them before and they look awesome.

Thanks dude! Ill check out GC for used bags too, hadn’t thought of that. Good looking out!