Pre Purchase Question X1800

If/When using Serato FX with the mixer is it post fader?

I checked the quick start guide on Serato but couldn’t find the answer.


Should be pre fader (close the fader, no fx trail, all sound is gone). That’s the way audio routing works when you’re using a external mixer.

And yes, S9 and Z2 are different, they are basically jogless controllers that have standalone capability, designed to be used with software.

Thanks. Order placed.

From what mixer are you upgrading?

Not exactly an upgrade. Just an addition, it will be for home use only with the SC5000.

I use the S9 on the road or whatever house mixer a bar/club owns.

Ah, makes sense then. To be honest, not much sense in “upgrading” from either older Denon line or DJM/Xone line. Colored cue buttons, on air status and Engine Link FX sync are not worth it.

Hi @mufasa,

The Denon DJ X1800 Prime mixer will have pre-fader effects when using Serato DJ Pro effects. A pre-fader effect is applied before it is routed through the mixer channel. Therefore, with echo, delay and reverb, the tail of these effects is not audible when the channel fader is closed. This is how the X1800 works when using Serato DJ Pro software effects.

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Thanks. I’m an echo out addict. I will stick to the hardware FX so.

Does the X1800 have echo out or similar fx. My old 62 had it.

One push and echo out.

Hi @mufasa,

The Denon DJ X1800 mixer has an Echo effect, but not an Echo Out effect that the Rane Sixty-Two mixer has as a built-in Flex FX.

Thanks again.

Kindly consider adding that to the pile of feature request for the X1800. It’s a nice feature to have on hardware but not a deal breaker.


Hey @mufasa!

I can definitely add that as a feature request, it would be a nice addition to the Flex FX in the Denon DJ X1800, considering the Flex FX are currently pre-fader.

When you say “Flex FX” are you referring to Serato Internal FX coming through the mixer?

If I was to choose I will say add “echo out” as an option to the x1800 mixers echo.

With the Rane 62 one can toggle between 4 types of echo. Normal Echo, Duck Echo, Fade Echo and I can’t remember the very last one could be Dub Echo.

I understand that the X1800 design allows for Denon to add more stuff via updates or even go back to tweak stuff like the echo, delays.

With open format djing one button “echo out” is one of the tools for making huge tempo transitions.

Workflow : Echo Out, wait for the tail, bring in the next track cold, watch the club go ape or the alternative clear the dancefloor :sweat_smile:

What digital cable is required for the mixer and players? Is it coaxial (looks like regular rca) or optical