Pre-Listen a Track during search

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Pre-Listen a tracks during search, before loading

  • How will this feature help you and others? Faster process, avoiding Load, listen, stop, another load, listen, stop…

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Yes, controllers like NI S4 or any mappeable Pioneer (like SX…) do this

  • Does a workaround currently exist? I think not

  • How often would you use this feature? Every time I dj

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? Sugestion1, continuosly pressing a track on screen to instant pre-listen and rotanting the knob to move forward/backward. Sugestion2, during search on a playlist, press shift+knob on any track to pre-listen and move forward/backward. I’ve mapped like this before on Pioneer SX with perfect results.


A feature found in all good DJ software. Certainly a feature to have on standalone gear. Good one!


What do you think about this as an alternative?

All in favour of this feature being added


Totally in favour of this. I’d go so far as to say it’s essential!

indeed that would be nice!

I already do this using the spare layer


Can’t spare a square… I mean layer.

When I have three decks hooked up, I deactivate the other layers so that I have more area for the static waveform at the bottom. When I have only two decks hooked up, I’m already alternating between the layers in a staggered fashion to let tracks play out while I get third tracks going, so I can’t just set one particular layer to continuous all the time. What I do is if I’m undecided about the track I want or am unsure how certain tracks sound, I put the layer I’m on temporarily into continuous mode since it’s an on screen toggle right there. However, I still have to hit pause between each because I have that lock on. Hence my feature request. And that’s not getting into the fact that I believe lock against track loading on playing layer is a deck-specific option, not layer specific.

When you’re on 3 decks that means you have an channel spare, so use the second deck on one of the players.

But I am alternating the spare layer going from Deck 1 to Deck 2 and back and fourth while swapping layers, so that is not a fixed one that can have continuous on all the time (or load lock deactivated, too, for that matter, if that option was made layer and not deck specific)… and if I’m on 3 deck mixing, the spare layer when using two decks is potentially the layer I’m about to use.


This pre-listen, too busy to cue a track up, needs to use one of a decks layers, either the digital or analog output sockets for that layer, and a spare channel on the mixer to hear what you’re cueing. Loading a track either with a right swipe of the screen or a push of the encoder is really no hardship

Similar to some of the other requests , It’s possible that this request has less ground-breaking potential than other requests

That doesn’t work easily with how I use the Prime system’s layers and decks and since the lock feature is hidden in Preferences/Utility. Quick previewing of tracks currently necessitates that I 1) toggle single to continuous on the layer I’m about to play a track on, and 2) at least pause between each touch swipe or loading with the encoder. Even if I go into Preferences/Utility to turn off track loading lock so I don’t have to hit pause first between each track loading, the standalones rarely even work with next/previous when continuous is on for the linked deck. I do not think some dedicated preview or pre-listen mode is necessary in the browser, though. If holding the music with the platter sufficiently temporarily bypasses both track loading lock and single play modes, it would do the trick. No one is ever going to try and load a track accidentally when their hand is on the platter, and if you’re holding the music fairly still with your hand on the platter, there’s no need for single play mode to be active.



Absolutely in favour we cannot remember all the thousands of tracks and a quick preview would help a lot like in traktor S4.


I agree this would be really nice. Could be sent just through the headphones when previewing in the browser

I absolutely miss this feature which is very common on other systems like Traktor S4 who I’ve been working with before.

Not only you save a lot of time while browsing thru a vast library, also when you pull a track from the prepare crate into a deck just for pre listen and you decide that its not the right time to actually play it, the track will be gone off your prepare crate.

For all those especially the folks from Denon, who have not perfectly understand what we are asking for, I made a video demonstration how pre-listen a track while browsing is done with Traktor S4.


I definitely agree with this being a necessary feature! Great suggestion!

Indeed it’s a must have

if youve come from the traktor s4 mk3 then you know how great this feature is, not only do you hold the button but you can scrub through the track with the track select knob. Genius!

faffing about with layers and mutiple button presses is not what the OP wants!

a pre-listen function wil be the best update ever