Power Supply Changeable Part On Adapter

My MC7000 came with the EU powersupply which has clip off heads for different sockets. However, the UK clip is not present. The shop did include a socket as an adapter but this makes everything very bulky and ugly in the booth. Defeats the point in having a powersupply with interchangable clip off heads.

Anybody know how or where i can get the UK type clip for the powersupply?

Thank you.

Hi MitchieMasha, which shop did you get the MC7000 from?

Digital Village DV24/7… The website recently merged with The Music Store.

I bought a microphone from them not that long ago and it was shipped from Germany. That may explain why no UK adapter.

They were UK based previously but were bought over by a German company.

This is certainly something to bring up with the place that you got it from. The units leave Denon DJ with the correct parts inside the box for their destination.

I’m going to but as they added an adaptor in the outer box i presume they know about it already. I’d much prefer the actual clip that goes on the official Denon power supply. I did get next day delivery so these must be in the UK warehouse.

Thanks every one.

Since you’ll need (strongly advised) a spare adapter anyway, I’d suggested you’d locally source the same brand/model. It should come with the correct connector. Now you have a spare adapter. In case you need it, you only have to swap the clip off part to use your spare one.

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This is an excellent idea. The clip wont break but the power pack might. I wonder if DENON would be nice enough to send me one if i ask.