Power outage

Hello everybody, I’m a mobile DJ and right now I’m not in possession of a Prime 4, but I’m interested in buying it. Every year I play at one specific party and every year there is a power outage, it’s a classic… I normally use a laptop and a controller, when the power is out the song keeps going on on my laptop and I just need to wait for my controller to reconnect. The operation does not take up much time and I can restart basically where I was.

What about the Prime 4? What happens in the case of a power outage? How much time does it need to reboot? I’ll lose the current track playing and I need to search for it from scratch?

Thank you for your kind answers. Dj tAlpA from Switzerland.

And the speakers ? Without power?

max 10 seconds - and you are up again. but, only if the database gets no damage :grimacing:

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Saludos, para evitar esos tipo de cortes de energía, te recomiendo un ups o regulador de voltaje, eso ayuda bastante cuando hay lugares con energía no muy estable, uno de una computadora te ayudaría a solucionar el problema.

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[Jetsound]: what I meant is that the song it’s not lost, I can recover from where I was also if the power goes out for 1 minute, just need to wait for the controller (it’s fast) and the speakers (it’s faster).

[DJDark]: thank you for the answer. It’ happens that the database gets damaged? There is an internal backup?

[Clickeventos]: thank you for the idea! Maybe I can find a small ups to fit in a custom case.

at the moment, there is no backup of the database. if power went off, pray … that engine wasn´t writing anything to the database. you can only have a second usb stick - with music and database / or a second hdd with music and database with you. hope they will fix the database, to be more robust.

but at my prime4 I have had only one database damage :pray:

so normaly it is very stable :+1:

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solution : use a small power-backup to prevent it


Running the Prime4 off a small backup ups would be the answer here.

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