Power drop out of MC7000

Hi there, I own an MC7000 for a couple of years now and it has always served me well as my main controller as a mobile DJ (apart from the infamous play and cue buttons that are now partly depressed). During my last gig and during a couple of practice sessions, the controller suddenly lost all power. A quick out and in of the power adaptor doesn’t help. It needs a couple of seconds to respond to the power input again. Those seconds take like forever when you’re in a live situation! In at least two instances, it happened when the controller got shooked. Not heavily but just somebodies hand or arm hitting the side of the controller. The thing is, I can not replicate the problem by wiggling the plug of the adaptor or by shaking the controller. Has anybody had this problem before? Is this a known problem? Any help would be welcome because I am nervous about using the controller in a live situation now…

Hi @DJ_ALEX, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about your MC7000, it may be in need of service. Please fill out a Denon DJ Tech Support Form so that we can connect you with a Service Center and set up a repair.

Thanks! I just filled out the form.

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Awesome @DJ_ALEX!

Denon service centres are superb and not expensive either, I had my MC7000 serviced in the UK and I was unaware of the person who had it before me had spilled liquid on it which corroded the main board. I had both the main board and headphone board replaced which cost me £152 in total including labour and postage.