Power Button Not Working

For whatever reason the power button on the back of my Mcx8000 is no longer working. Thankfully it is stuck on the “on” position regardless of its state of press. A bit paranoid it is going to just stop working. Tried all firmware etc and its also been cased since day1 so really not sure what is happening with it. Click and holds etc so its not physically broken. Has anyone had this issue offer a solution?

Across the world, I’ve heard of just one other user mention this and his/her issue was also that the unit powered on fine but the switch, only re ognised that it was being pressed while the unit was “off”.

It’s a simple warranty issue if it’s something which you find to be a concern.

Thanks for responding - i will take it to my local dealer.

I know this is an old post, but what was the outcome of this dougylyle? This happened to me last week. I powered up at the beginning of a gig and since then the unit will not turn off. I have had my controller for a year now so I am just out of warranty. Has me concerned that it will decide to shut itself off in the middle of a set. Thanks.

Hi OscarD

To be honest I didn’t take it to the dealer due to the volume of work I have had over the last year and i don’t want to be without it. I just leave it on all the time and use a switched extension socket that allows me to power off/on if needed. Not really had any issue so far, it is always in the back of my head that it may cause problems but i just live with it. Its the most bizarre issue as the button feels like a hard switch not a software thing but mine just refuses to do anything.

Hope it helps you.

Cheers Dougy

Hi Dougy,

Thanks for your helpful reply! I’m reluctant to take it to the dealer for the same reason, I could be without it for months. I agree that the switch is still clicking on and off like before but the power stays on. I’ll take your approach with the power bar. It’s good to hear that from your experience so far the power has remained on.

Cheers, Kevin

I ended up taking it in after my NYE gig while it was still under warranty. It was gone a month and a half and I finally got it back yesterday. All works great now. No explanation on the repair bill what was done to fix it. But the salesman at the dealer said that this wasn’t the first one that he had come back with this problem. Possibly a stuck power relay.

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