Power button not working!

I just notice that at the end of my gig I wasn’t able to turn off my controller with the back button. I kept pressing it in and out and it just stays on. What can I do? also my screens don’t display the serrate tracks it only stays on denon dj blue screen.

Both issues are hardware faults so your controller will require to be sent to service.

You will need to make sure it’s on the latest update, then if this problem still occurs contact Technical Support: https://denondj.com/support

ok thank you im going to check everything now. It’s weird everything was working and now this happens after a gig I had.

The same thing happened to mine. I turned it on at a gig and afterwards I couldn’t turn it off. It was a hardware fault. I sent it away and had it fixed (under warranty fortunately). You will have to get it repaired.