Potential x1850 buyer

Hello all.

I think this is my first time post, I used to post a long time back when I had dns5000s coupled with the x1500 mixer.

My 5000s died and sent through cdj1000s, cdj400s, more recently 3700 and now have cdj2000 nexus. Still rocking the x1500, nothing wrong but fancy a change.

Eventually I want to have a set of sc6000, but as I still have 1000s of cds, until I get around to ensuring there all digital the cdjs 2000nxs is here for now.

So looking at the x1850 as an upgrade to a still Immaculate x1500… Should I?

I note that the sc link to the mixer and share dom and other link data via engine. Does anyone have cdj and x1850 experience. Will bpm effects be as sharp? Quantize function work.

Thanks all in advance

Of course you should switch to X1850 and SC6000 but do you still play CD’s? If you do keep the CDJ’s and start to rip the CD’s to digital media with your labtop or computer. You can’t link the CDJ’s to X1850 via the linkports but there is an autodetect BPM mode on the mixer. X1850 is a big update compared to the 1500, updated soundcard, digital inputs and outputs, sweep-effects. Go to the product-page for info and there is a lot of videos about the mixer on youtube. I personal have the X1800 and upgraded from 1700. Even though the 1850 is the latest, Denon DJ still provide firmware upgrades that keep up with the 1850(of course within it’s limitations technically). Go for it, that is my advice, you will not regret it.

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My opinion is to keep your setup for now until you are ready to buy the SC6000.

I think your mixer is better than the x1800/1850. The 1800 is nothing that’s gonna blow your mind and frankly I’m not sure it will feel like an upgrade unless you have the accompanying decks.

By the time you switch to the SC decks there might (speculation) be new gear or more importantly a new mixer.

At the end of the day, it’s subjective so perhaps try looking for one to rent or use so you can apply your experience as well.


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Purchased, updated to latest FW, very happy.

DnX1500 relegated back to original box

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