Possibly switching from NXS-2 to 6000's

Hello All,

I am a newby to this forum and the reason for signing up is that I am thinking of switching from a NXS-2 set-up to the upcoming 6000’s and 1850.

For now the big thing to stick to Pio is that they have a brilliant piece of software which has some features that I seem to miss for now on Engine. I use the DJ version by the way and connect my notebook to the DJ set. With this I am aware that you can use Serato, but can you share if we can expect a similar approach to software from Denon too, where you have your own version of Pio R’Box DJ / Serato that works with the players. For me one of the most important features in the software I use now is the My Tag feature which can be set-up to personal requirements and is a key feature to keep my music tidy and organized. Can you share some possible ideas on updates that are planned for the coming months? Would Engine stay as it is with some bug fixes or are you planning on adding features like the above? This would make my decision to switch a lot easier, as for now Pio has the big advantage on the software level for all the other features your players blow away the NXS-2. Sorry for involving some names of competitors but this helps to give an idea where I am coming from. Your response (maybe a PM) is much appreciated. Thank you for all the efforts in giving DJ’s a real choice and triggering the competitors to keep proving theirselves.

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For now engine prime is waaaayyyy behind rekordbox. I think if software is your top priority you should not change. But the whole denon dj idea is to ditch the laptop. So if I were you i will wait, monitor forum for news about firmware and potential fixes/bugs which will show up and the make or not decision to switch when new players will be there at least 6 months.

As the Primes read rekordbox databases, straight from the usb drives now, you could do all your homework on rekordbox like you do already, and just plug the usb drives into the primes when you go out

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Way behind… I personally prefer Engine Os to rekordbox, more intuitive. Serato is good too and very open to other devices.

I use both of them, including Virtual Dj sometimes, we are DJs and the devices are only tools. To me, Denon’s main problem is that we can’t modify bmp directly on Prime 2/4/go devices themselves.

Denon’s software seems to be not for r&b/Hip-Hop young DJs because of lacks in analysis. If you mix by ears, no trouble.

Hi John,

Hardware-wise - no doubt, go with the switch.

Software-wise - thats a whole other story. I bet you will get a answer like ‘its on our roadmap’ to your questions… And I bet they are!

Thankfully, after the NZ Dev Team has starte, we see way more progress in Engine Prime than we did 2 years ago. They are doing a good job, but there are still some major elements that needs to be fixed.

Luckly you have the option to import from RB or Serato in the beginning, until EP can offer the same (or more) options.

The beatgrid editing on the fly, as mentioned by DjMarcoMarco will hopefully come one day.

Personally I would go for the SC6000s (Sorry I wrote SC5000 first - my bad) and use the work-around available until EP is better.

Yes way behind and I am talking about music management not djing with rekordbox.

And that is true I am not talking about personal like one or another. I am talking about functionality from which engine prime really lacking maybe it will change in couple months. That is first reason why i will wait. Some needed fixes on players is second one. I think your nsx2 setup will be worth used the same as new players from denon so that third reason to wait.

Standalone denon vs standalone pioneer, denon wins hands down.

People will tell you that the software is not up to par but it is in a way. In Engine Prime you are able to work on your collection but in it’s current state you can kinda quasi transfer your collection from other software over but not fully. But the option, with the same hard work you used to build your collection in other software, is there. The only problem is with rebuilding your collection towards the prime ecosystem.

Nobody wants to go through the trouble of rebuilding knowing how hard it was to get it the way they have it now. The process exists but it is demoralizing.

The responses you will mostly receive will be from the demoralized. A dj is only good as his music selection so if your ecosystem depends on just features instead of efficient use of time to be able work on music management then you not gonna have good DJs turning over unless you are paying them of offering freebies. You are most likely to get entry level people :grinning:starting from scratch.

Denon did as much as their resources could provide at the time.

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I have not used the Pioneer CDjs so cannot comment on that, I am inclined to agree with fellow commenters about waiting for new updates software wise. Denon of course is fully aware of their limitations EP has currently how long will it take to address? Who knows, years in all reality based on previous threads I have seen.

What are the limitations now? The BPM detection is great, the file management does what it says on the tin, the only issue is that you can’t read from the laptop plugged into the decks. I thought that would be a massive issue when I first got my Denon’s, but having sussed out proper crate management it is no issue at all, and finding tracks is (almost) as easy as on the laptop.

As for deck for deck, it isn’t even a competition, the CDJs are so far behind.

The general consensus is that EP is not as on point as Rekord box for example if you if it meets your current needs that is fine, hopefully as more updates are released more people will feel as confident about the software

Changing? Do it ! It’s a no-brainer to start using up to date tech !

Don’t upgrade to rekordbox 6 though as it locks your database and won’t let you export your data, cue points etc into Engine Prime

Aaaah I was wondering this. Guessing they made it more difficult for Prime to read a Recordbox 6 drive? I was having issues with my old RB 5 drive so I updated to 6. I wonder how it will work.

That’s what I thought. Screens big enough and search controls with filtering, sorting, and prep list etC are fine for even the most unprepared soul or request-taking, million tracks on a hard drive, changing my mind with 15 seconds of song playing left type DJ.

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I have swapped, the only thing i miss is the related track suggestion which was helpful in a pinch. The fact you can do the rest on the players is amazing. I still have my nexus 2 biut have not powered them on since my purchase. The denons for me seem way better. For the first coupel of times i kept RB running so i could manualyy do the realted search lol.Dont bother now. Hope this helps

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Nice. Takes a bit of trust to leap over. But its so worth it. Denon keeps getting better.

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Says it all really

and neither on the sc players which makes the fact that they can analyze on their own somewhat pointless.

But why manually input a guessed BPM ?

I’d still like to have a dial in option for BPM of course , together with the double / half option and maybe a shift double / shift halve option so that half of 125 can be dropped to 62 without shift or 63 with shift

But with the new extra accurate BPM algorithm we got given a few months back, the need for manual input BPM is less important than it was

The BPM would not be guessed.

The BPM is based on the grid. Sometimes when the players do the analysis, the grid is wrong. Therefore the BPM is wrong.

If we ever do see the day (years from now!) when Denon allow full grid adjustment on the hardware, then when the grid is correctly aligned, the BPM will be correct.


Single or double digit “years” from now… ?

I want more on-player editing , like loop and cue names editable on the players on-screen keyboard but little seems to be happening now