Possible WiFi bug in 1.4

Great update this might be a little issue.

Logged on to WiFi no problem however I recently logged into my Verizon account and changed the passwords on my main WiFi networks and recently enabled a guest WiFi network.

Tried numerous times getting the SC5000 to log into the existing WiFi networks but it failed. It did however successfully log on to the new guest network.

Perhaps there’s an issue where the old password is stored somehow despite entering a new password?

No other issues w other devices computers phones accessing the original WiFi networks with new passwords

Hello @ericlouis and thank you for your feedback! It’s important that we collate all feedback into one central area for the product and development teams to review, so please post your findings in the PRIME 4 Public Beta section.

Sorry about this - I discovered the error. So it’s not a bug - first letter in my password is capaitalized didn’t realize I need to turn off the capitalize button after pressing the letter intended to be in caps. Behavior is a little different than IOS.

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