Possible to sleep screen?

My Prime 4 is part of a more permanent setup in my house and there are many hours when I am not mixing but rather just playing through a phone or letting my friends plugin their phones on Deck 3 because it’s very convenient. In these cases the screen just sits on for hours and hours without changing. Can it be set to sleep? I’m worried about damaging it.


I’ve looked through the Settings and Preference and did not find a way to at least dim the screen. Only thing I found was dimming for the Jog Wheel display, so as of yet I don’t think you can turn it off or dim it. Would be a cool option though.

But when you dim the jogwheel it dims the screen too

I also like the Idea of a software screensaver. So if you don´t touch the display for the amount of entered time (preferences) it turns off … and if you touch the jogwheel or the screen, it should went on again.


Hopefully someone at Denon sees this and adds it to the next firmware update!

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this option had already occurred and Denon had considered it in a future update

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This feature has already been requested. Vote for it by liking the original post below.


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