Portable folding table / stand

bit off topic but can anyone recommend a decent prime 4 sized stand ? (portable/ folding) don’t want to spend a ton but most of the purpose built stuff looks pretty flimsy metal with plastic fastenings etc. any good ideas for repurposed stuff or a recommended model? not that i’m going anywhere soon …


Is it for home or gigging?

I use the Ultimate AX48pro keyboard stand for the MCX8000 so I’m guessing the Prime 4 would fit on the larger legs too.

bit of both - but need something reliable for gigging eventually. i already have a couple of synth stands but the X shape doesn’t seem stable enough for the prime… that’s a nice stand you have! devices not a bit exposed? drunk punters etc

Well the one above is pretty solid and is carried in its own bag. Top notch.

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cheers for posting it !

Here’s a better photo of where the MCX8000 sits on it.

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seems to work well pretty neat …

I rather like that. …it’s something different to the regular booth’s that everybody seems to use.

The only thing is if everything’s on show, you need to make sure all your cables are super neat & tidy. :slight_smile:

Shame the screens couldn’t be lower. They, especially the centre one are like barriers between the DJ and the people.

And yes, the wires are a bad sight

I bought a sefour table… it’s just black MDF wood… but its sturdy, large enough for p4 and laptop without having a standalone stand.

had to look them up … nice but not v portable :slight_smile:

Those are old photos. The cables are now super neat, all clamped to the centre of the stand. The screens are actually lower than they look and I can see the audience and they can see me. It really is the perfect setup.

The shelf heights are totally adjustable to suit individual needs.

I will get more photos when I set up the gear again, whenever that will be …