Poor quality playback on right input/output on Denon DVS DS1

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having problems with the right input/output channel on my DS1. When reproducing a track on Serato the sound quality gets kind of blown out. It seems like it is reproducing a low-quality kbps song, where the highs and lows are with noises. When I touch the switch pin CD on my mixer Pioneer DJM 400 it also interferes with the sound coming out.

I tried switching the RCA cables; I tried moving to the phono/line; I put in INT on Serato; I tested on other mixers, but the problem is definitely on the right side of the interface.

Could somebody that already had this problem give me a tip to solve this problem?

I never dropped my interface on the floor or anything that could possibly damage it.

I appreciate your help, Pietro

Could you test with some other dj program other than serato?

Well, I guess DS1 is exclusively for Serato. As it says on the interface…

If the noise is still happening on INT mode then you may have a faulty DS1.

Are you on windows or mac? Are you using Turntables or HID mode?

The DS1 out is Line Level and should go to LINE/CD IN on your DJM400 (not phono)

No, you can test it with Traktor or VDJ. If you are on win10, install asio drivers and please test.

I am on a Mac, and I always use DS1 out on Line/CD. I just tested on Phono to check if it was a problem on my DJM400 switch.