Poor playback quality on the right output. DS1


I do not know if the users will tell me, but I would like to contact the service center, since there is no such service in Russia, I’m looking for help here. The sound card (DS1) is in use for less than a year. The problem was discovered a few months ago. Since it was bought on JUNO, I had no information about the guarantee. Most likely this is my inattention. But there is a problem and I want to solve it. I can record the sound in order to understand roughly what is wrong with the card. If in words, then from the right channel music plays as if with an overload. While everything is set up identically with the left channel and the same track plays cleanly on it.


It’s worth checking cables and any Balance or Pan controls on either the mixer or in the software.

Also, when you say Left and Right - do you mean the one deck playing through the left and right speakers, or do you mean the left deck and the right deck ?


I mean “right out” or “right deck” on DS1. With the cables all right, tested on different mixers and speakers. It’s in the card itself.


So both speakers give the distortion when the Right Deck is being played.

I’d look at the Phono/Line or CD line switch on the mixer inputs and on the DS1.

Phono levels are whisper quiet compared to CD/Line levels. If part of the system is expecting a quiet noise, but gets presented with a loud noise, it will sound really rough.


The problem was solved by reducing the “gain” level in the program. From the input source did not depend on anything since I ran tracks on all decks in the “int” mode. In general the main thing is that the symptoms are gone. I hope she does not bother me anymore.