Poor Audio Playback MC6000MKII - Serato


Currently running a Denon MC6000MKII with a HP laptop - 7th Gen Intel i5 Processor Every track has really poor [playback, distortion or skipping and jumping. When not connected through the controller there is no skipping or distortion All files are analysed, any with a lightning sign removed. Help !

Skipping and distortion etc are signs of the latency setting being too low. Perhaps the latency is currently set to maybe 5ms, but maybe try 50ms (then restart app) to see if the skipping is reduced.

Every device you add to a computer gives the computer more to think about so, with an MC6000 being a dual midi controller with lots of switches, faders, buttons and LEDs, and a mixer, and a soundcard, it’ll need a fairly substantial computer to watch and react to all those tasks/ movements/ presses and music data flow.

Remember too that a hot computer runs slower than a. Oer computer, so just because a computer might work at say 10ms latency when cold, it may need double or treble that setting when it’s warmed up

true but what djspinko has is more than enough.

djspinko, as Gee said crank up the latency and make sure that nothing else is running while you play that eats up your system’s resources (check the system monitor).

also try a different usb cable on a different usb port just to rule that out.

one other option would be using an older serato version. recent versions got very fat and bloated for no reason (goes for traktor as well). for example give 1.7.8 a try.