📊 Poll | Is anyone using the Slicer pad mode?

Are you using Slicer?
  • Yes, all the time
  • Yes, occasionally
  • No, never

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If you use the Slicer, feel free to share how you use it in your DJ sets below.

If you don’t use the Slicer, what pad mode would you like to see instead?


I use slicer very often. Some times to spice up some vocals. Some times to mash up a steady beat to make it feel less static. Also I find it very useful to rearrange the melody or some background pads/strings in a choppy way. If it goes for melody and vocals I use the second (green - looped mode) to have a repeating patter.


Occasionaly… still getting better at it, but its not my go-to thing :slightly_smiling_face:

But I would love a sample/ one-shot pad mode. Somehow being able to load 8 samples instead of the demo tracks, and then these would match the eight pads in that pad mode.


A sample/sampler mode would be nice.


I don’t even think about using the slicer. I tried it but it’s not my thing. I would prefer key changing on the pads instead.


I’m a breakbeat hardcore DJ and use it quite often.

However when I’m in a 16 beat loop and want to use some slicer action, sadly it exits my loop.

Also the loop slicer {press twice - green} is only 8 beats long. If in loop I wish it would go into an auto loop slicer and at said loop size set by user

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I would like to see a sampler


sampler please :+1:t5:


Most competitors products now offer 8 pad modes (4x2). With 8 pad modes, I wouldn’t mind the Slicer, it can be somewhat fun at times - but there would be better options.

  • Sampler
  • Key play/shift
  • Pad FX
  • Sequencer/TR aka Roland DJ-505/808

I noticed that on the P2 and P4, [Hot Cue] and [Roll] have no secondary labeling and functions yet. How about adding the Sampler as 2nd for Hot Cue and Key Shift as 2nd for Roll, and keeping the rest as it is?


I slice up riffs like Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ and vocals but a sampler would be fun. Maybe a SHIFT + SLICER button to add a sampler mode.

Or being able to sequence the slices/samples, for example, to press the slicer and it remember what you did and played it back (quantised). Save it to the track like a Flip so it is recalled.


Yes please…please!!..turn those into some sort of sampler or key play option. Pretty please!

I’ve voted on “yes occasionally”, but because it’s on the device. I can do without or have it changed to something else entirely.

No is leading :yum:

I will like CUELOOP pad mode FTW

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I’ve seen people use it in videos wonderfully, but never really pulled it off consistently myself in a way that’s any good.

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What does occasionally mean? I don’t think playing around with it cause it’s there should count as occasional unless you actually use it in your sets once in a while.

That’s why I voted no. I feel it’s too risky for me to use live as I’ll train wreck it.

Why? It’s hard to train wreck it. All is quantized.

Get rid of “Slicer” and replace it with “Pitch Play”. Of course I imagine the MPU would have to be MUCH more powerful to pull that off. But, wow, that would be revolutionary for a standalone unit!

*Edit - Or maybe “tone play” (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle, Amplitude)…of course, that would rely on a new unit with the waves present within the hardware, but that is something to think about for a future revision.

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@mufasa and @Wyley1 Soooo, you are trying to get me to vote NO?

Okay done. I have such a thick skin… :wink: I’ll send an invoice shortly.


Haha, yeah, you like the Slicer…you and I have exchanged words on the subject. It’s cool. It’s a fun gimmick to mess about with. But, I’ve only ever watched a few DJs make it sound good. Slicer within a Loop is rather fun though. That’s how I usually “play” with it at home…I’ve NEVER used it live!!

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Never used slicer.

I’d rather have tone play (aka key shift) on the pads. Best would be to be able to select the scale (minor/major would be sufficient) as well, maybe in the settings.