Polish DENON DJ service problems


I would like to share with you my story that happened to me in connection with the failure of my SC5000 Prime players.!

While playing at the event in mid-August this year, one of the players (bought just a month earlier) went off and did not start again. When trying to restart, all the illuminated elements were lit (as it happens in normal startup), but the player did not go to the user mode of operation, only turned off. I called the store where it was bought, and I was told that I should send a defective device back to them, and then the store as a direct customer of the official distributor will send it to service, which is confirmed by the following message: „Broken Denon with failure description, please send to address:"!

According to the guidelines of August 21, I packed the player in its original box and ordered the shipment and the package was picked up the next day. From the information I provided later, it appears that the authorized Denon DJ service in Poland received the application exactly on August 26, 2019. Unfortunately, from that moment until October 21, i.e. almost 2 months, I had no direct information from Denon service. There are no details or contact from them, whether by phone or email. The only message I got came from the store where the player was bought and which I put below:

„Hello, today we received the information from service, that a PCB board required for the repair the Denon is ordered,

repair time will take longer because of the spare part import time (about 4-6 weeks) but usually it is shorter. Best regards Music Store ABIX”

Later, for two months, I tried to find out what is going on with my player, but I could only do it through the store, because as I mentioned, there is nowhere official contact details for the Polish Denon DJ Distribution. It was not until October 21 that I officially obtained contact details, when I learned that the warranty was not recognized (I would like to remind you that the player was delivered 4 weeks after the purchase), allegedly due to overvoltage, bad connection, which did not take place. Below screen shot from email, I received from them:

In the message reads:

„Greetings, Service Lauda Audio,

Unfortunately customers device can’t be fixed under warranty. We noticed that after replacing main PCB the device is still not working properly.

After detailed analysis and overview of the board we discovered that it was damaged due to overvoltage bad connection we attach the pictures

Please immediately notify the customer.

Best regards

Andrzej Tyszka”

The following pictures were also attached to this email:

After receiving this message, I contacted a service technician by phone, who estimated the cost of repair at PLN 1,800 (about $ 470) justifying that PCB, Function Assembly, Pcb Audio Assembly and PCB Carrier Board Assembly components are required for replacement. I also received such information for acceptance via email on October 23 (only 2 months after sending the player):

„A Wormly Welcome, We managed to estimate the costs and significantly lower them for You by way of exception. Total cost is 1790PLN brutto To exchange PCB, Function Assembly, PCB Audio Assembly and PCB Carrier Board Assembly. We wait for acceptance (possible time is 4-8 weeks (this time can be longer or shorter ).”

A moment later, the second player got faulty. Symptoms exactly the same as the former one. Not having much choice, I reported it to the service declaring that if the reason is the same, I agree to double the repair costs. The fault was reported on October 28. On November 15, I once again talked to a service technician who said that parts that may have arrived that day have not arrived, and therefore the repair time is extended by at least another month, which means that in this case the repair will last a minimum of 4 months.

Red sign on the picture is the date, when the authorized Denon DJ service in Poland received my application.

Looks like someone should take a closer look how Polish service is handling customers. After description and these pictures I am in doubt are there any electronic technicians there??? This is not looking like a overvoltage. Single smd component burned, possibly not very harmfull to overall system (based on placement and paths).

If two things both go faulty then you need to look for what is connected to both players.

Bad power at a hall or club, faulty power to the hall or club, using a diesel electric generator, using on a faulted power conditioner or faulty UninteruptBle power supply, that sort of thing

I would have to agree.

If one player had this fault then fair enough, but both is not coincedence.

I’ve also not read of anyone else on here having this issue. Of course it can happen to any circuit board but my first thought is that there may be something wrong with a regularly used power source.

Read carefully - both players went wrong in 2 different places in a month time from each other.

Very odd for two players belong to one person to suffer same unique faulty

For me very odd is situation when the main service do nothing for 3 months to solve this problem, every time only extends the deadline. I used my setup every week to do my job not to stand in the room.

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On the other hand, you would expect that a piece of equipment, costing 1000 euros and built to be used in club environment, would have some form of protection built in.

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