Please help! MC6000MK2

I purchased the MC6000MK2 in about 2015 & tried to get it working with no joy… to be sorted at a later date. There was a death in my family & DJing went out the window until now. I have Virtual DJ 8 installed on my laptop. When I connect the Denon MC6000MK2 to my laptop via USB it doesn’t show up in the audio settings under the ‘Card’ and it doesn’t appear in the ‘Controllers’ area. I’ve tried playing around with it & I think I’ve installed the ASIO files correctly. Been trying to sort it the last few days & it’s doing my head in!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ve searched numerous places online to find a fix & watched dozens of videos - none help with the issue I have - in that it’s just not showing on my laptop. Please help - I would be rally grateful if someone could assist with their knowledge! (I know I should’ve sorted it all those years ago but stuff happens & I wasn’t in the right place. I also guess all this is now vastly outdated - even so I’d like to get it working. Thanks).

What are your computer specs?

Its an HP laptop.

windows 8.1 Intel core i3-5010U cpu@2.10GHz RAM: 8.00gb 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor.

Any tips would be great!:crossed_fingers:

You might have to do a firmware update.

Also denon asio drivers don’t seem to work so I had to use asio4all to get all the in/out working. That’s how I got my mixer working on windows7.