Please help - extending phono cables to connect 1210s

Hi people, I’ve had my Denon since Thurs and I’m loving getting to understand it. The visa and info on here are outstanding.

One thing I’m struggling with, I’m looking to connect my 1210’s which would be fine if not for the fact my flight cases on both the turntables and P4 mean that the phono and grounding cables won’t reach. I can extend the grounding cable no problems, but I’ve heard of issues with extending phono cables.

Is there a way to do this without degrading the sound from the turntables?

I’ve noted that there’s a line/phono switch so could I put a pre-amp with line volume and then an extended phono?

Any help greatly appreciated.


I wouldn’t think there’d be too much of an issue with extending them a little. They’d need to be close for it to be practical, so another metre or less shouldn’t be a problem.

I shouldn’t think you’d need a pre-amp unless you were extending from an adjacent room or something.


With normal sensibility (not buying the €1 supermarket phono extension cables YUK lol) you’ll be fine. Don’t get tempted by the ridiculously overpriced scaremongering €50 per metre cables either. You’ll be more likely to hear audio difference from a worn stylus, than by any Sonic difference between a €10 and a €80 cable.

Some oxygen free copper cables for about €20 each should do you well.

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The mid-prices cables should be good. I wouldn’t worry about oxygen free copper for vinyl use though.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a look at what’s available.

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