Please Denon, this is too much, listen to me!

I dont know what to say… The bug in your firmware was a bit too much, when we take a look in my last few months with your Prime.

I work for a club in northern germany and I was the guy, which decided, that we buy Denon and not Pioneer Equipment and now I am the guy, which is about to get trouble…

Your firmware update, it was an RC, not described as a beta and we installed it in our club to notice 5 minutes after installation, that there is a huge bug in it…

At saturday (and this is no joke) we have a 24 hours rave and the Denons were planned for the Techno Floor… At all it was not easy to discuss with all the DJs to use the Denon Players and now, on the point that all 12! DJs said that its okay for them, I can rent other equipment… YEAH, thank you!

We have a crazy history with Denon Prime… We bought it at the end of march. Our first X1800 was damaged after 8 hours, we were able to turn the master on and off via knocking on the mixer… A couple of days later, we got a new mixer from InMusic. We took it out of the box and the display was flickering arround and it was not possible to read anything on it. We decided to give Denon another chance. We got a new mixer and so far, everything was fine.

Then the first Black DJ starts to play with it and noticed, that we have two different kind of players and its not possible to get the same jog wheel setting… We STILL have this problem and anyone helps us. You can notice that the players are different on the Denon DJ sign, on the feeling of nearly all buttons and on the jog wheels… This is not cool and its also not cool, that InMusic is not interested in problems like this…

The next thing is, that InMusic told to our dealer, that they will find a compromise, to if use something back for all the trouble that we had… Nothing happend… We are a club which decided to use Denon Prime, we are the guys, which need to discuss with every DJ, that its as useable as Pioneer Equipment and you are not even a BIT more interested in people like us which takes this lane? Thats sad. So I want to know, what to do next. Contact us, lets find a way on which we both can breath, but I dont want to throw money out of the window to rent equipment when Denon is back on the point, that its not working… Thank you very much! Still love it, even if I also hate it.


HI @TonySanchez, I’m sorry to hear all this. I’m contacting our German office now, in the meantime can you please PM me your email and phone number.

Thank you


Hi @TonySanchez, our German Denon Dj Specialist @FrankHahn is ready to contact you. Please advise the best contact number via PM and we’ll arrange a call ASAP.

Thank you. J

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Hi @Jay_DenonDJ, thank you very much, I have sent you my number, looking forward to hear from your colleague. :slight_smile:

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I hope this gets worked out for you and I will definitely say the InMusic guys WILL take care of you per my past experiences. There are definitely some QC issues with our Prime gear BUT from what I’ve seen is a majority of them are almost always right out of the box problems.

Good luck and hope they help you get these things sorted out because you did for your club what Denon needs more of!

And thank you @Jay_DenonDJ for your quick attention to his matter!


Yes, since today, I experience a great service and we are about to solve all of our problems. @Jay_DenonDJ For me its fair, that we delete my post, cause we solved all communication problems between us and InMusic and I think now we are fine in all points. Thank you very much for the VERY fast reaction in all points, that was way better than expected. So for the moment, no hate, just love for InMusic! Cheers :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear @TonySanchez and looking forward to getting you sorted for your weekend party!


Heck no please don’t delete this post! People need to see the good that comes from this forum and honestly the good intentions of the Denon team. Let’s enjoy this happy moment. :slight_smile:


Curious if the new units you get all feel uniform and consistent. I got some uniformity issues on mine.


4 hours from request. To this…

And that folks is how Denon will win over customers.


Me too. Especially the jogwheels. My players feel different on all settings other then light. Thats why i only use the light setting, even thoug i would love to use the middle one. But thats unusable to me, they are feeling way to different.

I wish mine had consistent tension on the lowest setting or even the same pitch fader resistance. Sounds like you got lucky. Imagine having to use the bad tension adjustments to try and make lower, resistance, more-fluid jogs feel more like the higher-resistance jogs you can’t do anything about. Since I prefer loose and fluid, this is adjusting to the worst-common-denominator using a poor tension adjustment you’ve already discovered.

They are pretty much without any resistance at the lowest setting. One player has no resistance almost at all settings, just at the last to clicks you feel a difference. On the other player youe feel a change at every click. So it seems to be a pretty bad jogwheeltension adjustment design. Not to mention the not consistent tension feeling off a full jogwheel rotation.

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The tension adjustment is a known weak point on the units that produce inconsistent results both on the setting you put them at and as you rotate the jog around. You pretty much have to do it by feel and not by which click you’re at. And it’s impossible, apparently, to get perfectly consistent rotation with the tension up at all. But on the bright side, at the lowest setting your jogs feel consistent, right?

First-world problems.

Same here. Jogwheels feel different on my units. Not a big deal. I thought I am the only one with this issue.

The jogwheel on the metal denondj logo top right feels lighter.

When I purchased I received 2 different logo units. One is metal shinny silver and the other one is white paint of some kind.

I learned to adapt but it feel a little bit off.

Kudos too to @FrankHahn, solid Denon rep in Germany!


Thanks a lot :wink:

Why do we have do deal with equipment inconsistencies and with quality control failures? Is it that hard for Denon DJ management to fire the responsible people for their irresponsibility? Why Denon DJ invest so much in innovation and trying to offer something beautiful and good for us, only to deal at the end with quality control issues susceptible to tarnish its image?

I have old SC2900s and they have this issue also. I imagine the resistance adjustment mechanism must be similar between them and the new units. They had unequal tension adjust since day 1. I contacted the before in-music Denon DJ about it when I bought them but they said basically that was just how it is. I decided to just live with it but it’s always been annoying.