Please advice MC6000 no sound

Hi!. I got a question about the MC6000 (no other thread tot his controller so I´ll try here). I´m not sure if my controller is defect or not. Hopefully not…but I got a question about the audio. This is what happens to me:

When I turn on my controller, open Traktor 2Pro I got sound and my meters are showing the volume. But, after a few seconds my sound starts to fade out and disappear!! I have no idea how to solve this. I really hope someone has something to say about this. One more thing, some of the mapping is working! I can start, stop and selects songs. But the crossfade is not working, not either the fx´s knobs or the pitchers! I´m worried there is something wrong inside the 6000. Becasue when this happens I can’t get any sound from any input source. I connected my phone to Line in 1 and 2 but no sound there…

I dont think its about the settings in Traktor 2Pro though, because this behaviour wasn’t likte this last week. Then it worked well…but after I restarted my computer and Controller the d after it was like this again. My setup: Denons last firmware PC Windows 7 ( I tried on another computer with windows 10-not working) Traktor 2 Pro Setup: Int mixer and the right audio source inside traktor 2 pro and external mixer.