Playlists Not Loading On Sc5000

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been excited to get my hands on a pair of these since they launched. Upon receiving my pair, I first used them for Serato DJ Pro, in Hid mode; I was disappointed with platter response when scratching. I figured with EP being able to duplicate Serato crates, Standalone mode would be the way to go anyway. Unfortunately, though I export playlists onto my 1tb Seagate external HD, nothing shows up in my playlists. The playlist titles all appear, but there are no tracks in them. I have to go into the engine library section, from the sc5000, and then music, etc., and then it’s just a ton of artist folders. I’ve looked for videos, gone through the manual, searched for solutions here, it I’ve come up empty. With the platter lag in HID mode, and my difficulties with this, I’m pretty close to returning the units and just sticking to DVS with my turntables. I’ve played songs in standalone mode, and messed around with the pads, and all the functions are absolutely amazing, but I’m stumped on exporting playlists.

I’ve analyzed the tracks in the playlists, at least I think I have, but I’m really at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. I’m really glad a ton of happy Denon users have integrated these into their workflows; I’d like to join you:)

Hello Omega, I’m sorry that you’re having issues here. Maybe we can get to the bottom of these.

Can you be a bit more specific here? Can you detail how you are exporting the playlists to the drive?

What do you mean by response? Are you experiencing a delay? Maybe a quick video demonstration may also be telling.



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Thanks for the response, but I already packaged them and sent them back. I couldn’t find anything to help me figure out whether or not I was exporting properly, so maybe a clear video on that would be beneficial to future owners who run into similar issues.

As for the process, I had playlists and crates created in EP. My ex fat formatted drive was then plugged in. I dragged crates & playlists, one at a time, into the external drive area. Once in there, I opened up playlists and crates to ensure all music was there. Once the process was completed, I then ejected the HD, and plugged it into a player. The players would read the HD, and then I would go to playlists and crates. The titles of the playlists and crates were there, but when I would select one, the crates/ playlists would show up empty, with no songs within them.

Music was on the hd, just not under the playlists and crates I had exported from EP. they were all under artist folders, and that just wasn’t useful to me at all.

And for the Serato issues, the platters just didn’t respond in time. There was an ever so slight delay, and when performing scratches, it didn’t work out well for me. Chirps, stabs, and flares were all off, due to platter response. I played with the jog tension, and the buffer in Serato DJ Pro, but nothing really worked out for me. Perhaps a video of dj’s performing these scratches well, and the settings they use would be helpful to others too.

Anyway, sorry this didn’t work out for me. I still think the sc5000’s are amazing, but they’re just not for me.

im having the same issues with my pair of sc5000m players. i just done the 1.4 update and my playlists from tidal are not showing up.

Hey, I really hope you’re able to get this figured out. I ended up returning my players because of this sole issue. If you find something helpful, post it.

I was actually shopping around this season, and I ended up not buying Denon, because of the library management difficulties I had with the sc5000’s, as well as the little support I received at the time. I hope all is resolved soon! Good luck!

Hi there.

I only the other night transferred my folders into Engine Prime and created the exact same folders that was on my hardrive/Memory Stick and then transferred them into the same engine prime folders. Since plugging my memory sticks in as I have the exact same stick in each deck as I was having a problem networking to another deck as I dont think the cables with the SC5000M are the best and I was getting quiet spots in the tracks. I now have no problems at all infact they run way better than before. What PC or laptop was you using spec wise ?.

I know you have sent them back but it may help others with your answer incase it’s a PC/LAPTOP spec issue.

Thanks and shame as I think they are dope decks.

Merry Christmas

Dave Outerzone

Hi all. New to here as just got 2x SC5K’s and love them.

I’m having same issue with Tidal playlists. Have set up ones in my Tidal account on phone, but they are not showing up on the decks. Maybe they aren’t supposed to as that would be wayyy too good.

Side note on Tidal. I read that some would prefer beatport, SoundCloud etc set up for them, which would be awesome. But…I tried searching some pretty random and obscure tracks in there and found them all. Bye Spotify, hello Tidal!

Anyway any advice on getting Tidal playlists to show up on decks appreciated