Playlist Structure and Features?

Hi coming from an iTunes and Traktor background. What does the in Prime 4 playlist and folder structure look and work like?

For a basic question what is the difference between crates and playlists?!

Also can I see my file playing history like I can with Traktor?

And also does the database search capabilities include date added, Play count, file quality, show other playlists with this file aand what other featur4s does Prime include that are like iTunes? except digit or filter search which I know about, thanks

Can a user add playlists to the internal ssd from usb music folders?

And lastly any other tips about playlists not shown in the YouTube videos?

Thanks for your help!

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When Engine Prime was launched Crates are able to be sorted by a parameter eg BPM Playlists were fixed - eg say you wanted to play a set in a specific way. A few updates later ability to sort playlist tracks was implemented. So i guess both can be used interchangeably now. As an open format DJ + Serato user i only use crates. I dont plan sets.

This is a common request since the 4 was announced but it doesnt seem like this feature will be available at launch.

I just dump files into appropiate crates when adding tracks to my core collection as mentioned earlier.

Not sure about this. Im not even sure comments search has been added yet.

Download EP and have a look before investing in the hardware.

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Hey man thanks a million for your answers, happy mixing!

Thank you @mufasa for you answers :slight_smile:

@i10001000 Iā€™d recommend downloading Engine Prime and having a play so you cna get a feel for it. The free download can be found here: