Player Suddenly Restarts

Hey Boys and Girls!

Since i updated to 1.5.2 for my SC 5000m i got the problem of suddenly restarting at 1 gig.

what could be the problem of suddenly restart and stop playing sounds?

As explanation: My Gear was standing for 2 other DJ’s. The first one played and bam suddenly the player stopped working only “Engine Prime OS” was shown and both player were about to restart. I mean this was not such a huge Problem because it was just a private party but nevertheless it ■■■■■ when this happens when your are completly in your flow. So. After this DJ is started to playing myself about 1 1/2 hours and nothing happend. DJ after me had the same problem as the first one bam suddenly no sound and it restarts.

I must admit as far as is seen it both DJ’s (which sets were before and after me used very “bad”/“Cheap” usb sticks. Could this be the problem or can i resolve the problem?

Hope you could help me about this issue.

Bad USB sticks could be the matter, also corrupt music files or databases …

Had that issue last night too. Three interuptions of playing deck during 7 hours - is a ssd portable drive. I think i will downgrade firmware because never had that issue with that drive on old firmware

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Yea, thats a try.

I was able to replicate the error with another ssd drive on 1.5.2. (rekordbox 5 large database 14000 Files - Unanalyzed Engine Files) - The error happens if you stress the Engine Prime during Analyze a file.

After rollback to Firmware 1.4.1. i was not able to replicate the error anymore


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing the tip :100:

You mean Engine OS (on the player, not the computer)? Also, what exactly are you doing to “stress” the player whilst it’s analysing?

Hey Nick!

i have to test this out. thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Yes i was analyzing few songs in a row on both decks and playing them during analyzing

I had this issue as well. I think my players was also stressed by the fact both was analyzing tracks connected by network on the opposite player.

Same issues here, And both my players happened to not read the pendrive / just hanging there. Power cycle solved that too - only played 1h when first restart happened. And honestly, this looks like an unhandled exception, even with cheap shitty drive, it must not reboot, we talk about a pretty advanced HW. software has to have error handling :slight_smile:

Does not happen on 1.4 latest