Player prefernces stored where?

I\m wondering where the SC5000 stores the player preference in the “engine library” folder on the stick/drive?

I’m using 2 external drives, due to the database limitation, in principle all settings are the same for both players except for the color settings and the player id - numbers.

Can I just copy the complete folder from 1 drive to the other or, that is the impression I get, are the settings of each drive/folder unique. If the latter part is applicable then I really would like to know the file name so I can exclude this from the sync process,

If you want to copy one USB drive profile to another USB drive. I think this can be solved within Engine Prime itself using Profiles. These Profiles contain all the preferences settings for the player, i.e. default speed range, track start position, paused hot cue behavior, etc…

When a USB drive is inserted, click on the profile preferences in the USB drive pane. At the top of that pop-up window is a section where you can copy, create, or delete USB drive profiles. Simply press ‘copy’ to copy the profile from one USB drive. Then mount the other USB to the computer and then enter that USB drive’s profile prefs. Select the profile copied from the first USB drive and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, If needed, you can create multiple profiles with different names that will exist in Engine Prime and can be loaded to whatever USB drive/SD card that is desired.

As for the query over reference to player id-numbers, that is taken care of by the players themselves, and will adjust accordingly if they are networked together.

Hope this helps